Quick update about Public Procurement Podcast summer timings

It's July 22nd and the sun is shining outside, not the best of days to be preparing podcasts or writing blogposts! 

Podcast #5 with Andrea Sundstrand is up. PPP#6 with Dr. Piotr Bogdanowicz was recorded last week and is almost ready too. The current plan is to publish #6 by next week right on time for the holiday break so that listeners can enjoy it by the beach or any other relaxing activity.

I will not publish podcasts in August but plan to resume the two a month cadence from September onwards. And in September/October we should know more about the Conference as well...

And we are up!

The Public Procurement Podcast is finally up. What can you expect from now onwards? Informal conversations about important public procurement topics with a series of experts. The podcasts will also be available on iTunes, Stitcher or your favourite podcast synchronization tool.

As we are starting, I am pushing out #2 (Dr. Claire Methven O'Brien) tomorrow with #3 (Frank Brunetta, the Canadian Procurement Ombudsman) coming early next week. From then onwards new episodes will be published every two weeks.

This first season of the PPP is composed of 20 episodes sponsored by the British Academy Rising Star Engagement Awards, to which I am grateful for the opportunity.